A trip to south Peloponnese

by George Karakou

Though a northen Greek (meaning we have lots of winter and summer destinations here), its always fun to explore new places. Given the chance a family member was living in Sparti, it was about time i visited Peloponnese. Despite the fact that the car broke down, we rented one and decided to discover the beautiful places they have there. Sparti, Mani and the near beaches was just the start. We travelled to elafonissos, a great little island and swim to the beautiful waters of Simos beach. Stayed there for a night and tasted lobster- a great experience. But we did not stop there. We continued our trip and travelled to Kythira, a not so well known island. There were a few beaches and accessing them was not easy, but the result was satisfactory. All in all even though these places are not so famous for summer vacations, one should grasp an opportunity and visit them.