Molyvos, Lesvos. The Other Aegean

by GabrielaVati

Lesvos is for travellers who want to experience and participate rather than to merely passively consume the typical, canned, artificial sameness of a tourist destination. In Molyvos and Lesvos, visitors can rest and relax and enjoy the natural beauty and experience the calm associated with the sun setting over the Aegean; hike, climb, or bike through the lush pine forests and acres upon acres of olive groves; swim, sail and fish or scuba dive in the blue waters of the Aegean; unwind, de-stress and get in touch with their inner self and the spirituality and energy of the island; attend folk festivals celebrating the island’s heritage and visit museums and monuments and learn about the island’s long history and deep culture dating back over three thousand years; visit ouzo distilleries, relish the exquisite taste of the courgette blossoms and the local cuisine and its middle-eastern influences, or harvest olives with the locals; savour the aroma of Greek coffee brewed over cinders in a kafeneio, dance till dawn and meditate after a healing hot bath in Aegean. It’s all here for you. At the Other Aegean.