Potters of Thrapsano– the Center of pottery in Crete

by Antigoni Kampani

Be enthralled by the authenticity of cultural heritage
…kept in centuries!

Visit Thrapsano, located in the Municipality of Minoa Pediadas 25km southeast of the Heraklion city and discover that this is the biggest traditional pottery centre of Crete and Greece, with long historic pottery tradition, which is lost in depths of centuries already from the Minoan era.
The potters of Thrapsano, well-known not only in Greece but also abroad, with their handmade traditional ceramic masterpieces, continue worthily the art of the Minoans at the same natural environment, since in the area there is a large amount of high quality clay.
Learn the secrets of pottery art with a visit to the dozens of traditional pottery workshops of Thrapsano, browse at their facilities, watch closely the potters giving shape to the clay and obtain utilitarian and decorative ceramics of unique beauty. The potters of Thrapsano will indroduce you to their art and will be honoured to show you how to create your own pots! Soon you will gain new friends along with new experiences!
* Thrapsano is known as the village of traditional potters
* The famous pot “Pithari” of Thrapsano is the starkest example of Thrapsano pottery
* The name of the village originates from the broken pottery sherds that abound around the furnaces, so “Thrapsanos” is the professional name of the person who bakes the pots.