Richtis Gorge, a hidden paradise

by Kostas Drosopoulos
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The first time I walked the gorge in its full leghth I was about 14 years old (that’s a long time ago) and there were no ladders or stairs along the gorge to make it easy as it is now. At that time the river was running all the way to the beach level, and there was a small lake right in front on the beach. From there, “we would begin our adventures when we pretended we were Tarzan or Indiana Jones and dissapear into the woods for hours, exploring the ruins which actually were very old watermills.
Back then, no one spoke of the waterfall, I thought most people had forgoten about it or even that they didn’t know about it, me and a friend discovered it during one of our expeditions and it was on of the best childhood memmories that I have. It later turned out that some of the older people did know about it they just never mentioned it to us to prevent us from wandering deeper in the gorge, but of course to us it didn’t matter. The next summer we decided to walk the gorge a full length and at the time it took us about several hours to get from the beach to the village. Apart from the large waterfall, we discovered several smaller waterfalls and ruins and it was generally worth every minute of it despite our parents going mad after finding out what we did and where we were.
To this day, we still visit every summer, it is very much the same as it was back then, except there are stairs and ladders in the tricky spots to make the path easier and safe. And so can you, should you ever find yourself in eastern Crete.